Why I’M Running

I’m Running because I Believe in People, I Believe in Family, I Believe in Communities and I Believe in this Great City. There is nothing more essential to New York’s culture than family and community. Our love of our great City and commitment to its bright future compel us to treasure the obligations of citizenship. 

I believe that our communities are filled with people who feel the same way and want to improve their lives and that of their family, friends and neighbors. New Yorkers need to feel that they are not alone and that assistance is available if they seek it. I believe that given proper resources and support, we can make our neighborhoods thrive. 

Together we can improve our schools, create more jobs and make streets safer for our neighbors and families. The challenges we face may seem overwhelming, but if we rally together and work diligently, we can build a better and stronger community.

With Hope,

Jesse Hamilton
New York State Senate, 20th District


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