About Jesse

Delivering Results for Our Community

Jesse has been delivering results for decades for the Central Brooklyn residents in the area of education, public safety and responsible development. When Jesse was a Community Board President he hired Dr. Evelyn Castro from Hunter Elementary School and raised math and reading scores 6 percent over a three year period. His work with the Crown Heights North Association helped secure Landmark Status, to safeguard our historic aesthetic, cultural heritage, and contribute to stabilizing and improving property values.

Jesse recognized the dangerous traffic pattern at Lincoln Place and New York Avenues and he worked to change it—reducing accidents, and making the streets safer for our children. And after a Jewish neighbor's front door was marked with a Swastika, Jesse called for an investigation resulting in the arrests of the perpetrators.

Nearly Three Decades of Public Service

Jesse Hamilton has spent his entire career helping people, including over 15 years as an elected official in Crown Heights, eight years as President of the School Board and the last eight representing our community as District Leader of the 43rd Assembly District.

Jesse was the President of the Lincoln Civic Block Association, where he organized community actions that enhance quality of life in the neighborhood. One of the Association's greatest achievements was bringing the community together after the tragic shooting of Benny Lyde, and bringing Benny's killers to justice. Jesse is also President of the Rosa Parks Independent Democratic Organization.

Jesse has spent 28 years in the New York City Department of Finance conducting small claims hearing for property tax reductions. He also served as Vice President of Community Board 8 for seven years in Crown Heights, and was a DC37 Union Member for 28 years. He is a member of the New York State Bar and Brooklyn Bar Association and provides Pro Bono legal services, representing neighborhood youth accused of crimes free of charge.

Jesse was born and raised in New York City, and graduated from Ithaca College. He has an MBA from Long Island University and a JD law degree from Seton Hall Law School. His wife Lorna graduated from Smith College and has a JD from Rutgers University School of Law. They lived in Brooklyn for over 20 years and have two children, Carla and Jesse IV, and a Dachshund named Paxton.