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"95% of the ppl jailed on Rikers Island are black or brown, confined because most are too poor to make bail."
-Senator Jesse Hamilton

May19EmailSenatorTucker.jpgSenator Jesse Hamilton and Mike Tucker

Dear Neighbor,

I am endorsing Senator Hamilton for re-election because of his strong record for criminal justice reform. I suffered the death of my son to a police officer in 2005 because of Broken Windows Policing. Broken Windows Policing is a decades-long focus on policing minor crimes and activities such as jaywalking and noise disturbance. Eric Garner, Michael Brown, my son and countless others have died because of the racist policy. Senator Hamilton has a plan to end Broken Windows Policing.

Senator Hamilton has fought for real criminal justice reform that takes us away from the era of mass incarceration of young people of color by raising the age of criminal responsibility. He will work to end the cash-bail system that keeps mostly black and brown people locked up simply because they are too poor to post bail.

I attended a candidate forum hosted by a political club with Senator Hamilton last week and saw with my own eyes the lies and unfair hate directed at him. His opponent started his first statement with a lie and the political club created questions to help his opponent. A backroom deal was already made to support his opponent before the candidate forum started.

Senator Hamilton left the fake candidate forum because it was a trap and completely bias. This is not the way political clubs should operate especially clubs that are supposedly progressive. All human beings should be treated with respect. I am doubling down on my commitment so support Senator Hamilton! This is not the way to treat a elected official that delivers for the community.

Take a stand for criminal justice reform by supporting Senator Jesse Hamilton's re-election campaign. Rise Up!

Mike Tucker

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