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Congress: Continue the Conversation on Race. Hold the Hearing.

As a black man in a rapidly-gentrifying neighborhood, I knew the officers were there for me.

Earlier this year I moved back to New York after years working for the Obama administration in D.C. I hired a U-Haul, and was carrying boxes up the five flights of stairs when I saw a police car pull up to my building. My stomach dropped.

I spent the next hour under “investigation” by seven different officers because one of my new neighbors had called the police on me, thinking I was stealing.

What’s worse is that my story is typical: in the past few months we’ve heard too many stories of people calling the police on black people for engaging in everyday, normal activities like sitting in a Starbucks, barbequing in a park, even for sleeping in a university common room.

The domino effect that ensues from a racially-biased 911 call is a costly one, from the financial resources from 911 operators to the protocol police officers must then follow.

These incidents are part of a history of racism and profiling in this country where 911 and the police are used as weapons to exclude black people from white spaces. And the consequences amount to more than just exclusion: far too many black people have died at the hands of police officers, from Tamir Rice, to Eric Garner, to Rekia Boyd.

This excessive response to everyday behavior risks arrest, incarceration, and death: generations of black lives pay the ultimate cost.

Calling 911 to report normal, legal behavior is not only a waste of public resources – it’s dangerous. It’s time we did something about racial profiling.

We are asking Congress to hold hearings to address this pattern of racist 911 calls. These hearings will allow victims of racial profiling to share our stories, and empower legislators to think through solutions to the problem. There’s precedent for this: the House and Senate have both held hearings on racial profiling before. We’re asking them to do it again.

Sign the petition to demand that Congress #HoldTheHearing on racial profiling.

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Campaign Commercial Watch Party

Putting the People First: Campaign Commercial Watch Party
Tonight @ 7:30pm l Click here to RSVP

Join #TeamHamilton for our Campaign Commercial Watch Party and Cookout tonight. Senator Hamilton is not about the party politics that has failed our communities. He is about action and delivering services because the people come first, our children come first, Brooklyn comes first. And the Democrat Party wins.

Eve-Lynn Williams, Women for Jesse 


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Day of Action and BBQ


Jarvis -

Get Up. Stand Up. Rise Up! Join Senator Hamilton for a Day of Action and BBQ on Saturday, August 11th. Click here to RSVP.

Richard Nelson
Jesse Hamilton 2018

P.S. Click here to volunteer with us at the campaign headquarters.



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Every Saturday: Jamming with Jesse!

Join Team Hamilton for Jamming with Jesse 
Every Saturday starting at 1pm
318 Rogers Ave at Montgomery St, Brooklyn, NY
Click here to join us.


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Senator Hamilton is Our Housing Champion



Our Housing Champion

After years of effort, the residents of 265 Hawthorne Street celebrated the forming of their co-op with Senator Jesse Hamilton and community advocates. 


I am endorsing Senator Hamilton for re-election because he is our housing champion. Over three years ago his office partnered with my tenant association at 265 Hawthorne Street to secure our building from the former landlord after years of struggle. We knocked on doors, attended tenant meetings, and worked with advocates to take the building away from the landlord – a landlord who had neglected our needs. Senator Hamilton helped 71 families fulfill their dream of becoming homeowners. We are not just celebrating for the tenants in the building, but our extended families. Now we have wealth that we can pass on to future generations. We have something that we can say is our own. 

Senator Hamilton saw the unique opportunity to build 100% affordable housing at the Bedford Union Armory site in Crown Heights. When City authorities and developers failed to present plans securing true affordability, he led protests with New York Communities for Change against the flawed plans and objected to new million-dollar condos. Senator Hamilton was the first elected official in New York City to offer free lead tests in 2017 when it was revealed that NYCHA falsified reports to federal officials. He puts the people first, he puts our children first, he puts Brooklyn first. On September 13th exercise your right to vote for Senator Jesse Hamilton, he is our housing champion. Rise Up!

Evelyn Williams
265 Hawthorne Street Tenant and new homeowner

P.S. Click here to contribute $10, $25, or $100 or whatever you can give to help Senator Hamilton Rise Up Brooklyn. 

Criminal Justice Reform Advocates Unite to Endorse Senator Jesse Hamilton For Re-Election

Senator was endorsed this week by criminal justice reform advocates including Community Activist Renny Smith, Exoneree Derek Hamilton, District Leader Geoffrey Davis, District Leader Anthony T. Jones, Best-Selling Author Jamila Davis, Bishop Lamor Whitehead and Pastor Mildred Hall. 

Click here to watch us our Facebook Live Video at Crossroads Juvenile Detention Center




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FOJ · 318 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225, United States 
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Join Team Hamilton at Candidate Forum This Saturday

Support Senator Jesse Hamilton at a Candidate Debate this Sat. July 14th at 9:30am @ PS 6 43 Snyder Ave in BK.
RSVP by clicking here. 

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A Taste of the Caribbean

A Taste of the Caribbean 
Click here to RSVP

Soca, Reggae & Afro Beats!
Thursday, July 12th @ 6:30pm



Paid for by Friends of Jesse Hamilton

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Sing-along with Senator Hamilton at our Karaoke After Work Fundraiser on Thursday May 31st in Brooklyn. Your contribution will help our fight against the Trump agenda. Now more than ever, we need strong Democratic representation to fight for immigrant rights, universal healthcare and quality education for our children. Click here to RSVP. General admission tickets are $25. 

The Hamilton 2018 campaign received the endorsement of Democratic Conference Leader Andrew Stewart-Cousins because of Senator Hamilton's ability to unite the community, inform and inspire residents, create innovative partnerships and deliver resources to the community. Will you contribute $25 to help us fight back Trump?

Xeerxeema Jordan
Rosa Parks Democratic Club


Old School BBQ
Presented by Ques for Jesse
Saturday, June 2nd @ 2pm, Click here to RSVP




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Take a Stand for Criminal Justice Reform!


"95% of the ppl jailed on Rikers Island are black or brown, confined because most are too poor to make bail."
-Senator Jesse Hamilton

May19EmailSenatorTucker.jpgSenator Jesse Hamilton and Mike Tucker

Dear Neighbor,

I am endorsing Senator Hamilton for re-election because of his strong record for criminal justice reform. I suffered the death of my son to a police officer in 2005 because of Broken Windows Policing. Broken Windows Policing is a decades-long focus on policing minor crimes and activities such as jaywalking and noise disturbance. Eric Garner, Michael Brown, my son and countless others have died because of the racist policy. Senator Hamilton has a plan to end Broken Windows Policing.

Senator Hamilton has fought for real criminal justice reform that takes us away from the era of mass incarceration of young people of color by raising the age of criminal responsibility. He will work to end the cash-bail system that keeps mostly black and brown people locked up simply because they are too poor to post bail.

I attended a candidate forum hosted by a political club with Senator Hamilton last week and saw with my own eyes the lies and unfair hate directed at him. His opponent started his first statement with a lie and the political club created questions to help his opponent. A backroom deal was already made to support his opponent before the candidate forum started.

Senator Hamilton left the fake candidate forum because it was a trap and completely bias. This is not the way political clubs should operate especially clubs that are supposedly progressive. All human beings should be treated with respect. I am doubling down on my commitment so support Senator Hamilton! This is not the way to treat a elected official that delivers for the community.

Take a stand for criminal justice reform by supporting Senator Jesse Hamilton's re-election campaign. Rise Up!

Mike Tucker

P.S. Help our campaign start off strong by contributing $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can give

P.S.S. Click here to volunteer with us at the campaign headquarters.

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Volunteer with Team Hamilton

If you have a passion for serving your community and improving a district that serves over 300,000 constituents, please sign up to volunteer with the Hamilton 2018 campaign.


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