• Created the CAMPUS (Brownsville/East Flatbush) the first Tech Education Hub in the country working with public housing, public health and 50 community groups to provide FREE Arts | Music | Culture | Tech | Mental Health | Wellness | Fitness programs | Food & Jobs Justice resources to youth and families.

  • Passed the ‘Raise the Age’ Bill (CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM)

  • Introduced and passed First Offer for the Vulnerable Law: Mobility impaired public housing residents first law.
    Every New York City Housing Authority resident deserves fair treatment. A tenant-centered approach means consistent care for the needs of mobility-impaired tenants. This ‘First Offer for the Vulnerable’ legislation upholds those values.

  • Proposed the 911 ANTI-DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT Bill: If somebody calls 911 on you or your family simply based on RACE they should face appropriate penalties. 911 should not be used to intimidate minorities.

  • Passed Brianna’s Law

  • Secured $10 million for record Immigrant Legal Services Legal Aid Funding established to help immigrants with legal services, green card application processing, and more. The program increased the chances that immigrants will win their cases by 1,000%. Through the state’s Office of New Americans the funds were used for immigrant defense services to prevent deportation, green card application processing, job assistance and other endeavors to advance immigrant rights.

  • Founded the only Brooklyn Senior Games (now called the New York Senior Games) - successfully staged 3 years and counting! - Acting on the inspiration of (former and last living) Shirley Chisholm Staffer, Joyce Bolden, Jesse created a borough-wide sports competition showing off the vitality of our seniors. Hundreds of seniors participate.

  • Fought for his Senior neighbors to stay in their homes. - Jesse and his staff turned RENTERS at 265 Hawthorne into OWNERS. Through hard work and dedication, 69 families benefitted from the advantages of ownership after buying their apartment for $2,500.

    While in office, Jesse dedicated 2 full-time staffers to helping constituents with Housing, Housing and Housing!

  • Demanded community have input over the addition of homeless shelters in their neighborhoods - Somehow, all the new homeless shelters are coming to poor neighborhoods, when everyone should share the burden. After Crown Heights residents learned a new homeless shelter would open its doors in the community, frustration over a lack of proper notification, planning and over saturation spread through the neighborhood. Under a proposal advancing in the New York State budget, pushed by former Senator Jesse Hamilton (D-Brooklyn), the City would be required to give elected officials, community groups and residents ample time to provide insight on shelter siting.

  • Introduced Black History Education Bill in K-12 education (S5454A) Legislation that would require the Board of Regents to incorporate New York State’s black history in NYC schools curricula for K-12 students.

Jesse has been active in his neighborhood for decades, long before he became a State Senator. He helped create the strongest block association in Brooklyn. Generous and engaged in the community, Jesse has given out turkeys at Thanksgiving, flowers on Valentine Day, school bags and supplies in East Flatbush, Crown Heights and Brownsville, and supported many events at community centers, churches, and synagogues. Jesse has proven his love for the community and our youth.